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Always improving at the Casita
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Always improving at the Casita

Owning and operating apartments in front of the ocean is a job that we both love. Sometimes the renovations are the part that we don’t love! This year, we returned home to a couple of walls that were in need of some immediate help due to the havoc that the heavy rainy season had in La Pe??ita and area had over the summer. We have been repairing these same walls for 15 years, or so it seems. It was about time to do a change. Some lovely stone lookalike tiles were chosen for the long wall where we house the pool equipment and before long, we had a beautiful wall that will hopefully be maintenance free for us.

It is sad to say that the last of the antique tiles from the upper balcony of the apartments have also been replaced. We loved the red, octagon look but time had taken it’s toll on them and it was time to say Adios. The upper balcony now has a terracotta color tile to compliment the balcony below. Now we had to think about the apartment staircase. This was done 15 years ago but we have gained so much more knowledge about tiles now and what we had chosen back then were pretty but not as serviceable so they are gone now too. Now the upper and lower balconies sport little terracotta & grey rock tiles that tie the areas together.

As much as we liked the Mexican style drive between the apartments and the picnic tables, some of the little rocks were coming out with age. A hard long look at what would make this nice and Voila! we came up with a slate looking tile that had both blue, terracotta and a little grey in it. So now the walkway is spiffy new and we like it alot.

This past spring, we also completed renos on all 6 bathrooms. We did the last two last spring. Of course, we picked lovely colors and it’s now fun to go into the bathrooms. We would still like to do apartment #7’s bathroom with some brighter colors but it still looks pretty good.

Speaking of Apartment #7 – we hauled a new plastic wicker sala set down from Canada to put in the living-room. It looks great and we had no problem selling the equipale set that was there before. It too, was showing it’s age.

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