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Casita and Guests Rescue 13 Turtles
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13 more turtles given a chance at survival in La Penita...
Guests at Casita Release 13 Turtles at sunset.
Casita and Guests Rescue 13 Turtles

On February 23rd, at about 6:00pm, a group of our guests gathered around 13 baby turtles on the beach in front of Casita de La Penita. Many of us selectively chose a turtle from the basin in which they had been swimming all day after being rescued from a mud puddle, set it in the sand, and encouraged them all toward the water.

After about 15 minutes, all 13 turtles made it to the water as we watched and hoped for their survival. The sun had set and the birds overheard had largely disappeared for the evening. If we’re lucky, some of them will survive and in a number of years will be back to this very beach to start this cycle over again by laying dozens of eggs…

13 turtles rescued by Casita de La Penita

13 turtles rescued by Casita de La Penita

A big thanks to the sanctuary for coming to check on them upon their discovery and for giving us instructions on how to safely release them later in the day. Rather than taking the turtles and having to do this work at the sanctuary, they gave Casita de La Penita guests approvals to do this and partake in this experience.

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