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The Ally Cat Catamaran
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A day at sea with a private group of 40 on the Ally Cat Catamaran...
Getting ready for a day on the the Ally Cat Catamaran.
The Ally Cat Catamaran

This week on Wednesday, 40 friends and guests of the Casita went on a private day trip with the Ally Cat crew on their spectacular catamaran sailing boat. Departing from La Cruz Marina, we went up the coast and out to sea to the Marietas Islands. Anyone who has ever been there knows that these islands are something unique; they have a private beach in the middle that’s only accessible by swimming through a cave-like entrance. Once on the beach, we were then able to go in to another cave with 10 and 20 foot openings while waves crashed all around us; yet the water in the cave was relatively calm.

Of course, in Mexico, a day at sea like this always seems to include non-stop drinks of all varieties; whether it was pop and juice, beer, or pina colodas, rarely was anyone empty-handed. The food was also always available from breakfast through to the end of the day. Fresh fruit, chocolate cakes, chips and salsa, nachos, and an amazing Mexican lunch!

Ally Cat Lily PadWith snorkeling equipment, kayaks, and several paddle boards, there was lots to do when the boat was anchored in 2 different spots. This year, they had a new toy for us to play with too! A Lily-Pad – a big flat floating pad which could hold upwards of 10 people on it playing and laying in the sun on the waves out in the ocean; a great addition for this catamaran! If that’s not enough of a rush for you, they welcome you to jump off a ledge about 15 feet up and do the best dive, jump, canon ball, or back-flip you can!

The crew was friendly as always – full of energy, polite, happy to help out with anything, and were focused solely on the safety and pleasure of the guests.

The Ally Cat Catamaran Crew

Once again, and for the third year in a row, The Casita friends and guests have had a wonderful time with this crew. Of course, we recommend this to all our guests; whether just 2 people or a group of 42 people.

If you’re interested in this, have a look at the Ally Cat Catamaran Sayulita on our site and we can book your group for you!

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