La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
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Should you wish it, a mid-stay cleaning of your apartment may be arranged through reception. A simple cleaning of the bathroom and floors will take about 1 hour and costs $70.00 pesos / hour. Full cleaning, including changing the linen can also be requested. Please arrange for this service one day in advance and for this through the front desk.

A 24 hour ATM is available on the main Avenida of La Pe??ita in the Bancomer. Recently, Bancomer increased their withdrawal fees and are limiting the amount of the withdrawal per transaction resulting in higher fees. Further up the highway, there is another bank machine which charges half the withdrawal fees with others located in stores throughout La Penita and Rincon de Guayabitos. If you’re fed up with banks and prefer not paying fees, bringing currency from your hometown bank may be best.

Walk up to the corner and across the street and you will find the local ???panaderia??? or wholesale bakery. Boleo buns are ready very early in the morning and sweeter treats are ready around noon. They send their baking out to all the stores and restaurants but will also sell to our guests. Pick up a bag on the wall on the left and help yourself. Very little English is spoken but they will count your pieces and tell you the price. Tuesdays and Saturdays we have a delivery truck come to the Casita with all kinds of fresh baking around 10:30am!

(For ATM information see ???A???)Effective 2016, we find its best to bring currency as the banks are charging higher and higher fees all the time.

The beach in front of the Casita is great for swimming and body surfing when the waves are right. We have umbrellas and chairs which can be taken to the beach. In addition, there are a number of beaches such as Sayulita, Chacala and of course, Rincon which are all easily accessible by foot, taxi or bus.

The familiar drink of Mexico is good and inexpensive. Corona and Pacifico, the two most popular can be delivered to your apartment upon request.

Forgot yours? We have a set available to borrow at reception. Please do not remove them from the property. Keep lens covers on when not in use and return them to reception when not in use for an extended period. Make sure to tell everyone when you see whales or dolphins!!!

Anxious to blend up a Margarita, Pi??a Colada or fruit smoothie? A blender is available to borrow from the reception desk. Please return the clean blender when you are finished.

See Tours.

Are available for guests’ use. They are located in the storage room beside the library near the stairway to the upper apartments. Please wash all sand off in the ocean and rinse the boards with fresh water in the shower.

Only happen in Puerto Vallarta at the bull ring Wednesdays at 5:00pm (PV time). If you haven???t seen one, be prepared for some blood and gore!!!

If you???d like to rent a car for a few days, it is recommended that you bus into the Puerto Vallarta airport and rent it there. Consider renting on your last few days then you can return it to the airport the day you leave. All car rental companies rates vary so you can negotiate your best price at the airport. We also recommend Gecko Car Rentals in Bucerias as they will meet your flight, take you to their office for all paperwork, and see you on your way. Gecko will also return you to the airport upon car rental return.

The beach chairs with the cut off legs (next to the shower), can be taken to the beach to provide a comfortable seat to watch the ocean and birds. We also have fold-up camping chairs in bags which can be requested at the front desk. Please wipe of all sand on the beach before returning the chairs to the Casita.

For clothing etc. see Laundry

There are plenty of places to buy T-shirts, shorts and more in La Pe??ita and Rincon.

Fresh roasted coffee – beans or ground, light or dark roast is available at the ???Cafeteria??? which is located on the main highway, just north of the main avenida. When available, another excellent variety of coffee may also be purchased from the reception desk. This coffee makes a perfect gift for coffee lovers at home and is from the State of Nayarit plantation!

Mexican law states that non-nationals must carry their visa and Photo I.D. with them at all times. Should you wish, we have a safe available to store documents in reception.

There are many dogs in La Pe??ita and area. For the most part, they are quite docile because of the heat. We prefer you not feed these dogs anywhere near the Casita.

Pods of Dolphins are often seen by our guests during fishing or whale watching excursions. These highly intelligent creatures will often surround a boat and swim with you for 10 – 15 minutes or more! Small groups of dolphins have often been sighted close to shore from the balconies of the Casita. Remember, we have binoculars for use should you want to watch the waters of the bay for dolphins and whales. See ???Fishing??? and ???Whale Watching???.

Not available in La Pe??ita or Guayabitos – See Laundry.

All plugs at Casita de La Pe??ita are standard 120V 60Hz. ???Brownouts???, because of high usage in the La Pe??ita and Guayabitos areas may happen from time to time. Please report any electrical malfunction to the receptions desk as soon as possible. NOTE: Electrical costs in Mexico are very high. Please conserve energy by ensuring that you turn off lights and fans when rooms are not occupied. Your conservation will help us maintain lower rates!