La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
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Purchase or one hour developing is available just through the Plaza around the corner on the Avenida. Look for a bright ???Kodak??? sign on your right.

Expeditions can be arranged through reception. It is most economical to have 4 to 6 participants. Generally, boats leave from the main beach at Guayabitos at 7:00 a.m. Duration of the trip is normally 4 hours, however longer stays can be arranged. Besides fishing, be prepared for whale watching and observing sea turtles and dolphins. Cost is approximately $350.00 pesos per hour per boat, plus gratuity. See Whale Watching.

If you have questions or want something special please ask us.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance in La Pe??ita. Some are better during different seasons. The Tiangus Market, every Thursday, has two fruit and vegetable stands. In addition, you can purchase produce at several stores along the main ???avenida???. From time to time, small trucks or ???camiones??? will pass by the Casita selling watermelon, chayuta, tomatoes, potatoes and more! Don???t hesitate to support these entrepreneurial sellers. All ???peelable??? fruits and vegetables should be rinsed in clean tap water before peeling. Any that do not require peeling (such as tomatoes, apples, lettuce) should be soaked in a Microdyn (available at reception) and water solution. Let soak for 10 minutes. Do not rinse. Air dry on paper towel and place in the vegetable drawer in your refrigerator.

Three bins are located on the ocean side of the property to the right of the pool. Garbage should be bagged and well sealed before placing in the bins. Shrimp shells or fish and meat waste may be frozen in your freezer until the morning of garbage pick up, which is normally Monday and Thursday mornings. Garbage bags are available at reception at a nominal cost.

The common reptile seen at night on ceilings and around lights are our friends, consuming lots of little insects each night. They run from people. They are reportedly the only reptile that can vocalize and you may often hear a ???clicking??? or ???smooching??? sound at night as they communicate with one another. They range from tiny to about 4 inches long (nose to tail) and might be found behind pictures, mirrors, wall hangings and other good hiding places throughout the Casita. Beware of the attack gecko near reception!!

We have a small gift shop in reception which has a number of small (easily transportable!) items for souvenirs or gifts. Very typically Mexican, and mostly found in the Tonala or Guadalajara region.

Campo de Sue??os (Field of Dreams) A 9 hole ???Par 3??? golf course is located about 10 minutes away on the road to Puerto Vallarta. Transportation by taxi costs about $50.00 pesos . Green fees vary by day, but a high is $150.00 pesos. Clubs and balls are available at the course. There is a small palapa bar near the club house and special events and fun tournaments are quite frequent. For the more serious golfer, 18 hole quality courses are available in Puerto Vallarta and near Bucerias. Green fees at these course are approximately $100.00 U.S.

The main ???avenida??? is lined with several small grocery stores or ???mercados???. Shop them all! Each has is own unique flavour and may carry different varieties. Sometimes the fruits and vegetables will be a little better either here or there. If you are looking for something in particular, please inquire at the desk; we will be pleased to help???