La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
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It is wise to take your keys with you whenever you leave the property. While the street gate is most often open during the day, it is sometimes locked if we are away from the property. Please remember to return your keys to reception when you check out.

Feel like flying a kite? We might have one or two around??? Ask at reception.

There are two laundry facilities within easy walking distance of the Casita. Laundry is priced by weight so it is less expensive if towels, for instance, are dry. If you take your laundry in before 10:00am, you should be able to pick it up the same day, generally after 4:00pm. Laundry is washed, dried, folded neatly and wrapped in plastic. Dry cleaning is not available in La Pe??ita or Rincon de Guayabitos.

Our ???Put & Take??? library is located on the lower patio at the base of the stairway. Please feel free to borrow a book, and leave any books you feel other guests might enjoy.

Linen changes are available twice per week at reception. Simply bring your sheets, pillowcases, towels and face cloths to the desk for exchange. We prefer to make linen exchanges between 9:00am and 12:00pm if convenient for you. Many thanks.

We carry a supply of rum, beer and red & white wine in reception for your convenience. In addition, most grocery stores along the Avenida also carry a good supply. ???Don Pedro???s???, a small grocery store down the left side of the Avenida normally discounts for our guests. Just tell them you are staying at Casita de La Pe??ita. Supermercado Lorena???s also has a good supply of liquors. A good local rum is Antillano, which is available in white, amber and sometimes dark. Some local wines are Padre Kino and Domecq.. Concha Y Toro Chilean wines are also readily available.

Are available for reasonable rates at most Estetica (Beauty) Shops. Rates vary however a simple manicure with polish is approximately $100 pesos. Pedicures are about the same. In addition, some shops will do nail extensions, gels and paint wonderful designs!. Some shops may take appointments.

There are a number of 24 hour medical clinics in La Pe??ita. We normally use ???Clinica Renteria??? . They have X-ray and Pharmacy and speak some English. Please advise us immediately if you require medical assistance.

You will find the music of Mexico everywhere. Mexicans love their music and generally like it loud, whether it is Salsa, Ranchera, Mariachi, or Latino. CD???s and tapes with Mexican music can be found in abundance at the Tianguis Market on Thursdays, and at a few street stands in La Pe??ita. Beware though, a high percentage of these CD???s are copies, and won???t always work in all machines. Make sure you try yours soon after purchase in case it doesn???t play!!

Oranges and their juice are plentiful in La Pe??ita. You will find street vendors in the residential streets and on the Avenida selling fresh squeezed juice (usually in plastic bags with a straw) in the mornings. Or you can buy fresh oranges and use the available juicers we have in reception to make your own!! A 50 pound bag of oranges is about $5.00 dollars.