La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico
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Can be seen in La Pe??ita on September 16 and November 20, and perhaps ad hoc at other times.. Don???t miss it if there is one on while you are here.. The school children go all out and they are festive and colorful events.

See Manicures & Pedicures.

There are several pharmacies on the Avenida. ???Farmacia Sota??? is conveniently located just around the corner from the Plaza, beside the Kodak Store. The CMQ Pharmacy is open 24 hours, and is located at the top end of the Avenida just this side of the highway. Many drugs, such as antibiotics can be purchased in Mexico without prescription. We highly recommend you consult your own physician or a local one before taking any drugs which, in Canada, would be available through prescription.

See Telephone Calls.

Pool is open 9:00am – 9:00pm daily. Please personal towels in the pool area and when using the padded lounges. White room towels are not for pool use. If possible, avoid entering the pool soon after applying oils or sunscreen. Upon return from the beach, please rinse salt water and sand off in the shower located just inside the gate. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. For obvious reasons, glass containers are not permitted on the upper pool deck.

Exclusive postcards showing La Pe??ita and the Casita are available at reception and are great for sending or saving as a souvenir.

We are always happy to answer your questions and be of help. If we don???t have an answer right away, we will try our best to get the answer as soon as possible.

The reception desk is located at the North end of the pool; just turn right before you fall in!! We are open throughout the day, starting at 8:00am. Should there be a need for the office to be closed for brief periods, a sign in the widow adjacent to the door will indicate ???Closed???.

For your next vacation, reserve early. Contact us at

There are too many restaurants, all of them good, to mention here. Check our bulletin board on the walkway for menus from a few of them. All of the restaurants in La Pe??ita use purified water and wash their produce with a cleansing agent.

From time to time, rodeos are put on in the stadium, just a few blocks south of the Casita. They differ a little from the ???Calgary Stampede??? type, and include rope tricks, and more.. They are an interesting and inexpensive entertainment.

Alas Matey! Sailboat rentals have not yet been made available in this area.

You can buy sandals at a number of stores, or get them custom made at ???Huachereria Cocotlan??? just around the corner in the Plaza. Custom made sandals can be purchased for about $15-20 dollars!

One of the staple sea foods of the area, shrimp are usually plentiful and inexpensive compared to Canada or the U.S. If you buy fresh or frozen to cook on site, we have ???shrimp baskets??? which can be used on the barbecues to make delicious stir fry???s or ???camarones asada???.

There is a small shop two blocks north (Across from the Alegre Restaurant), which sells snorkeling gear.

We carry a supply of common soft drinks at reception. See the Shopping List in your room. There are most normal types available in La Pe??ita. Coca Cola, Coke Light, Sprite, Pepsi, Pepsi Light and 7-Up are available. In addition, Squirt – a grapefruit drink is available. Also you might try Manzana – a carbonated apple based drink made by Coke, Pepsi and Penafiel.

If you are here for a few weeks, you might consider taking some Spanish Lessons!! The local school has beginner classes, and the Director will fit you in. We can make arrangements.

There is a lot of it!! Please be careful. Wear a hat, and use sun screen, especially if you go fishing or whale watching. Sun stroke is common and is often mistaken for food poisoning. Symptoms include nausea, chills, headache.

Local private taxis, which are reasonably priced, can be arranged for at the reception desk. ???Collectivos??? which are public transportation (generally in 15 passenger vans) operate regularly between La Pe??ita, Rincon de Guayabitos, Los Ayala and Las Varas. The boarding point is at the top of the ???Avenida??? or main street near the highway. These collectivos run continuously in a circle between early morning and 8:00pm and cost 4.5 pesos per person.

Local calls to order a Taxi – no charge. Other calls to 274 prefix such as restaurant reservations – $5.00 pesos per call. Calls to cellular telephones and other long distance calls will be charged at $5.00 pesos per minute. International and local Lada cards are available at a number of outlets in La Pe??ita. Calls within North America can now be done directly from Casita de La Penita. Ask for the Guest phone at main reception and for 10 pesos you are welcome to call anywhere in North America for 10 minutes.

Each Thursday, year round, the market sets up just 1 ?? blocks up our street. It stretches several blocks to the south, and branches down our street as well. Many local artisans display silver, sarapes, regional hand made jewelry, clothing, lingerie, leather, Huichol Indian Art and much more. You might be able to barter on silver, jewelry and art goods, but be prepared the asked price for clothing, household goods, tools etc. If they let you walk away, you are offering too little!! Should you see and item you like, and the price is right, buy it! You may not see it again during your stay!! If you are looking for something in particular, ask us. Perhaps we can help.

Forget them, they do not exist!!!

See Soft Drinks

Fishing and Whale Watching tours can be arranged through reception. For more information see ???Fishing??? and ???Whale Watching???

A day trip to historical San Blas, the first bastion of the Spanish Armada in Mexico, is a wonderful experience. It includes a 2 – 3 hour boat trip into the jungle at La Tovara, where you will see crocodiles, turtles and wonderful bird life in their natural habitat. The price is normally $700.00 pesos per person and includes admissions, some refreshments, and some snacks. Ask for more information at reception.

Snorkeling tours can be arranged with local boat operators from Guayabitos Beach. Generally, the best snorkeling is found on the lee side of the island in the bay. While the snorkeling is not considered to be ???world class???, you will likely see an abundance of small colorful fish, live coral and crabs. The cost for boat transportation to the island and back is about $450.00 pesos for a small group. Think about taking cold drinks and perhaps a lunch to enjoy the calm waters and the beach on the island.

Tours on a large scale are in their infancy in this area, however some very good day tours are available. Overnight tours can be arranged to Guadalajara and day trips are easy to facilitate to Puerto Vallarta and Tepic, the capital city of Nayarit.

The white towels in your room are not for pool or beach use. Please use your personal beach towel on the padded lounges. Towels can be exchanged at reception twice per week